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East London Community Band (ELCB) has grown and developed from its beginnings as a wind orchestra. We are now a vibrant and multi-generational community music organisation, welcoming players of all ages, instruments, levels, and musical interests, from first-timers to those who have been playing music their whole lives. We host a range of ensembles offering a wide variety of repertoire, offering everyone a chance to learn new skills, explore a wide variety of musical genres (including jazz, concert band repertoire, early music, etc.), meet people and integrate into the community. Every Friday night, our members fill the Shadwell Centre in Tower Hamlets with energy, playing in our various groups and taking low-cost lessons with our expert tutors.


ELCB has been making music since 1974 and our community is vibrant, welcoming, and sociable. ELCB will be 50 years old in 2024, and this anniversary year will be a focus for recruitment, outreach and fundraising activity.

    Among our 100-strong membership are young children, adult beginners, improvers, accomplished players, and people returning to music-making after a break. Our membership in recent years has spanned from 8 to 80 in age, coming from many different countries, including Australia, the USA, Belgium, Canada and Italy.

    In total, we have 8 ensembles covering a wide range of repertoire, skill levels, genres and interests, including a wind orchestra, jazz big band, early music group, and drum line, as well as several other smaller groups. In recent years, new groups have been introduced, including three new jazz groups which saw many new members join the Band. We also offer low-cost one-to-one lessons with our expert tutors throughout our Friday rehearsals for players to strengthen their playing skills and grow in self-confidence. Our end-of-term concerts, regular recital showcases, bandstand and festival performances, and other one-off engagements provide our members with opportunities to practise performing and engage with the wider community. 

    The ethos of ELCB is to encourage people, both young and old, to develop their musical skills and to play alongside, and interact socially, with their peers and across generations. Our approach is to be supportive while striving to be the very best we can be. In addition to inclusivity, we aim to be nurturing, forward-thinking and attentive to the needs of all players. ELCB breaks the mould of music groups by welcoming a wide variety of individuals and families who might not feel comfortable in a select amateur music group or a group oriented just to young people. Players and families that join ELCB also become part of a warm, diverse and welcoming community.

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