I haven’t played for a while, can I come along?

Absolutely! We are a non-auditioning band open to all levels and anybody is welcome to come along. We have a premier band for those just starting out and main band is open to a range of abilities. Lots of band members are picking up an instrument after several years not playing so returners to music are in good company.

Can I get music lessons?

Music lessons run on a Friday night – please see more in the ‘lessons’ tab.

Can I borrow an instrument?

The band offers a scheme for borrowing instruments for those who do not have their own, please email comms@elcb.org.uk for more information.

Do you have singers or string players?

No, for lessons and most of the band we are a wind music ensemble. We do have a very small number of string players in our early music group please email comms@elcb.org.uk if this is something you are interested in. We don’t have any singers. All wind instruments at any level are welcome!

How much does band cost?

Band fees vary slightly from term to term and fees are charged once per term. Fees are in the region of £60-£85 per term depending on your circumstances. There are discounts for parents with children in the band and children pay a reduced rate. If there are any issues paying fees this can be discussed, please email to get in touch.

How can I find out more about what’s happening in band?

You can search us on facebook ‘East London Community Band’, on twitter ‘elcb_social’ or hashtag ‘eastlondoncommunityband’ on Instagram. Regular newsletters are sent out to band (please email comms@elcb.org.uk to subscribe to the mailing list) or email comms@elcb.org.uk if you have any further questions.

Is it all about the music?

No absolutely not! We are a social group and go to the pub after rehearsal on a Friday night as well as after concerts. Band members also regularly meet before rehearsal to have dinner from the café in the Shadwell centre.

Are you scary people?

We love having new members. If you don’t feel you want to play on the first rehearsal you are very welcome to come along and watch, and do email comms@elcb.org.uk if you have any questions at all about the band. If you let us know when you want to visit, we will make sure there's a friendly face near the entrance to welcome you and introduce you to people!